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Fast Fact – Lubrication

Lubrication…… without it your bike is going to be awful to ride, use the wrong type and its going to be a horrid greasy mess.

To begin with, use a proper lube purchase from [novel idea] a bicycle shop. Frequent lubricators should choose a DRY type lube which won’t pick up dirt, infrequent lubricators should use a synthetic oil type.

The key here is not to apply too much. Use a clean rag to wipe excess from chain… you can always add more later. DRY type lubes should be applied more frequently, possibly at every ride- again use the cloth. Never use motor oil as  the detergents therein which are designed to clean your engine will soon cause your drive train to turn into a blackened mess. This will stain clothing and skin.

Also AVOID cans of  “cure all”  sprays- all puff and No stuff!  Never use kero or petrol to clean your bicycle, after all its 2012 and there are many environmentally friendly degreasers out there.

We use and recommend Rock n Roll “Miracle Red” ITS FANTASTIC!

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